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The player wearing the Varia Suit

The Varia Suit is the second armor set acquired by the player. It provides descent physical enhancements, and is also capable of receving the Speed Booster upgrade. After the Varia Suit, comes the Gravity Suit.


The Varia Suit provides 10 half-units of defence, along with the following enhancements:

- Strength (Increased melee damage) - Retained

- Night Vision (Makes everything look as if it was in daylight) - Retained

- Speed (Increases movement speed) - Added

- Resistance II ( Further decreases damage taken) - Upgraded from Resistance I (Power Suit)


The Power Suit is crafted identical to a set of iron armor, but with Thermoresistant Alloys instead of iron ingots, and the Power Suit piece you are upgrading added, as follows:

Craft variahelm

Varia Suit helmet

Craft variachest

Varia Suit chestpiece

Craft varialegs

Varia Suit legplates

Craft variaboots

Varia Suit boots