The superweapons are a class of weapons I made  more or less because I was bored one day and thought more explosions might fix that. These will DEVISTATE your

A. World


C. Everything you wish was not in close proximity to an angry creeper.

They are NOT to be trifled with, and are only accesable through creative mode! One scatters block pierceing explosives everywhere (by everywhere I mean like within 30 chunks), one just makes a big hole, and one makes a big hole and creates perforations spreading out about 50 or so chunks from that hole because minecraft if retarded and uses raycasting to calculate explosions :&

Don't even use these as a joke on your friend. Some can even blow up water and obsidian. There will be NOTHING left.

Here they are, increasing in power as I list them:

1. Focus Beam

2. Debug Beam


Side note: Do NOT let team AVO get their hands on these, or else no server will ever be safe!!