Screw Attack v2 Demo

Screw Attack v2 Demo


The Screw Attack is a powerful upgrade that lets the player Space Jump into enemies for massive damage. It is used more effectively if the player spaces out their double jump by tapping the space bar each time, instead of simply holding the space bar down to use both at once, as this makes it easier to hit enemies in the awkward first person camera angle. The Screw Attack can only be added to the Phazon Suit. Before v2a1, the Screw Attack was simply an addon for the Space Jump that let you damage enemies on contact while double jumping. After v2a1, the screw attack acts like it does in the 2D games.


The Screw Attack is crafted as follows:

Metroid Cubed Speed Screw Attack-0
Adding the Screw Attack is crafted below:

- P -

- S -

- - -

P = Phazon Suit

S = Screw Attack