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The player wearing the Phazon Suit

The Phazon Suit is the fourth and final armor set acquired by the player. It provides extreme physical enhancements, and allows for the Screw Attack powerup to be added. In addition, by pressing 'C', the Phazon Suit allows the player to enter Hypermode, a state in which all beams rapid fire deadly phazon instead of their normal projectiles, as well as providing extreme offensive, defensive, and agilitative augmentations to the player. Upon exiting Hypermode, the player is reduced to one half heart of health. After using Hypermode, the suit must vent the dangerous amount of phazon created by it. Attempting to enter Hypermode during this period will result in the player suffering a phazon overload and becoming corrupted, killing the player.


The Phazon Suit provides 18 half-units defence, along with the following enhancements:

- Speed II (Increases movement speed further) - Retained (Gravity Suit)

- Haste (Increases mining/punching speed) - Added

- Water Boost (Increases movement speed considerably while in water) - Retained (Gravity Suit)

- Jump Boost III (Increases Jump Height) - Added

- Regeneration II (Health is restored over time) - Upgraded from Regeneration I (Gravity Suit)

- Night Vision (Makes everything look as if it was in daylight) - Retained (Power Suit)

- Resistance III (Greatly decreases damage taken) - Retained (Gravity Suit)

- Fire resistance (Grants full immunity to fire/heat based damage) - Added

- Water breathing (Grants immunity to drowning) - Retained (Gravity Suit)


The Phazon Suit is crafted by surrounding any Gravity Suit piece with 8 Phazon Ore . The Gravity Suit MUST have both the Speed Booster and the Space Jump installed to be able to upgrade to the Phazon Suit. There is a very specific way to build the Phazon Suit. Here are the crafting recipes if you don't know how craft it.

Craft phazonhelm

Phazon Suit helmet

Craft phazonchest

Phazon Suit chestpiece

Craft phazonlegs

Phazon Suit legplates

Craft phazonboots

Phazon Suit boots