HD The negative effect of the phazon ore Metroid Cubed 1.6.4 v.a1.3

HD The negative effect of the phazon ore Metroid Cubed 1.6.4 v.a1.3.1

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Phazon Ore is a block that is found rarely underground, and is essential to creating the final level of armor in the mod. It is quite dangerous, when a player walks on it they will recieve multiple debuffs and recieve damage. It is impossable to mine with any vanilla pickaxe (but, when you break it with a pickaxe, it can give you a block, that a bug!). In addition, Phazon will spread to any nearby stone, allowing the player to make phazon farms, but also infecting a players world if allowed to spread uncontrolled.


Phazon Ore is only acquireable via shooting it with a Nova Beam,  which will destroy the block and cause it to drop as an item. The beam is very effective at destroying Phazon, as it will rip through many blocks at once before stopping.


Currently, Phazon Ore is only used in making the phazon suit, which is crafted by placing 8 phazon ore in a crafting bench, surrounding the suit piece the player wishes to upgrade. It should be noted that both the speed booster and the space jump must be installed on the gravity suit before it is possible to upgrade it.