Metroid Cubed 1.1.4 (1.6.0)Edit

Change LogEdit

  • Added Power Beam
  • Added Wave Beam
  • Added Ice Beam
  • Added Plasma Beam
  • Added Missile Launcher
  • Added Missiles
  • Added Power Suit
  • Added Varia Suit
  • Added Gravity Suit
  • Added Phazon Suit
  • Added Phazon Ore
  • Added Nova Beam
  • Added Metroid Cubed Materials

Metroid Cubed 1.3.5 (1.6.4)Edit

Change LogEdit

  • Disabled Missiles For "Debug"
  • Added Hypermode Function
  • Added Superweapons
  • Added "Debug" Dark Aether
  • 3D Models Of The Arm Cannons

{Planned Update} Metroid Cubed 2.0.0 Edit

Planned FeaturesEdit

  • Internal Overhaul and Overhaul Of Progression And Mechanics

-Upgrades Will Be Forcibly Removed From Labyrinths/Bosses

  • Chozo/Beam Doors
  • Fully Operational Gunship (MP3 Style, allows access to all planets par Dark Aether, which is accessed via...
  • Dark Portals, found on...
  • Aether
  • Dark Aether
  • Tallon IV
  • MP3 Planets
  • MP2 Beams
  • Charge Combos
  • Mini Bosses
  • Bosses
  • Major Bosses
  • Enemies (Metroids, Ing, etc.)
  • Randomly Generated Dungeons You Find The Upgrades In (Starbound/Skyrem Style)
  • MP2 Suits
  • MP3 Suits
  • Possibly MP Hunters stuff
  • Server Version After Release

plz update it ;-;

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