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The player wearing the Gravity Suit

The Gravity Suit is the third armor set acquired by the player. It provides major physical enhancements, and allows for the Speed Booster and the Space Jump powerups to be added (Speed Booster carries over if it was already on the Varia Suit when it was upgraded). Once you get all the power-ups for the Gravity Suit, you can upgrade to the Phazon Suit.


The Gravity Suit provides 10 half-units defence, along with the following enhancements:

- Speed II (Increases movement speed further) - Upgraded from Speed I (Varia Suit)

- Water Boost (Increases movement speed considerably while in water) - Added

- Regeneration (Health is slowly restored over time) - Added

- Night Vision (Makes everything look as if it was in daylight) - Retained

- Resistance III (Greatly decreases damage taken) - Upgraded from Resistance II (Varia Suit)

- Fire resistance (Grants full immunity to fire/heat based damage) - Added

- Water breathing (Grants immunity to drowning) - Added


The Gravity Suit is crafted by adding one Gravitational Anomaly to any Varia Suit piece. (Just in case you don't know how to craft it)

Craft gravityhelm
Craft gravitychest
Craft gravitylegs
Craft gravityboots