After firing the beam straight up for a bit

Superweapon #2

The only superweapon that HAD a legitimate use, I used it to spam-create diferent beam shots at will to test if they were buggy without having to charge said beam, or use hypermode. Later I switched it to its current incarnation as a means of ripping apart the world so I could see if Phazon was generating at all (It's quite rare). After seeing people blowing up themselves and their mod showcase sets testing it for the first time after I accidentally left it in, I decided to make it a full on beam and give it nice textures and such :3

It fires 50 bolts that explode with approximately the force of 1.5-2 tnt on impact, but pierce infinitely through the world! Plus, because there's 50, when they first hit, the first explosion scatters ALL 50 all over your world...  Also looks like a ray of doom if you shoot straight up for about 3 seconds and then back up a bit!