Superweapon # 3

Controled Matter-AntiMatter Annihilation Rifle, removes a 32x32x32 area completely and utterly on impact, and keeps going 'till bedrock! Can break obsidian on a direct hit, and will blow up liquids! (looks WAY derpier then it sounds...) Due to minecrafts weird as heck explosion mechanics, it will also blow lines in every direction for about 10 chunks, perforating your world. Looks pretty cool when shot in a desert biome!

 (Side note, will do a number on your CPU, if you have any doubts on wheather or not you can handle an LAGGIER Explosives+ size bomb going off about 6 times, on ONE core, without all of the multithreading witchery and optimizations they manage to use for it, then just use the focus beam and save yourself the crash!