HD Beam Recipe & Shoot animation Metroid Cubed 1.6.4. v.a1.3

HD Beam Recipe & Shoot animation Metroid Cubed 1.6.4. v.a1.3.1

The main weapon system added in this mod is the various Beams. All beams apart from the Power Beam contain a special ability when charged.  To switch between beams, simply press the corrsponding keyboard shortcut, as listed below. Or, go to the controls settings, and change the switching controls to whatever you want.

Main BeamsEdit

Currently, there are 4 main beams:

Power Beam (Shortcut I)

Plasma Beam (Shortcut K)

Ice Beam (Shortcut L)

Wave Beam (Shortcut J)

Other BeamsEdit

Currently, there are 4 other beams, 1 is accessible in survival, the 3 others are only in the creative menu:

Nova Beam (Normal)

Focus Beam (Superweapon)

Debug Beam (Superweapon)

CM-AMAR (Superweapon)

Planned BeamsEdit

The mod will eventually have the

Dark Beam

Light Beam

Annihilator Beam


To add a beam to the power beam, simply have both the beam powerup and the arm cannon in your inventory at the same time, and the beam powerup will automatically be applied to the beam. The powerup is not consumed in the process, and can be reused later. There is currently a bug that can either delete the powerup or turn it into a beam if the beam is added to your inventory after the powerup is, so make sure to make the powerup only when you already have a beam in your inventory.